Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Smoke Free's the Way to Be

The hard cast is off and I've gotten a good look at both incisions. Analysis: gross. Also, I haven't had a cigarette in almost two weeks, and it sucks ass.

You'd think with all the couch time I'm putting in (I am as of yet not allowed to return to work) I'd be doing a lot of bliggety blagging. Not so, apparently. I have instead: read Cosmo cover to cover (and also two editions of Martha Stewart Living because it was within arms' reach), clicked through the entire back story of Questionable Content, taken approximately 50 percocets (percocet? percoci?), and started half-assedly watching General Hospital again, among other things. This morning I finally watched all the Kirsten Lepore animations that I've watched sound free at work WITH SOUND as intended. Love it. Love her. Certainly my new imaginary BFF.

I'll try from now on to keep any and all appraised of my exciting view from the couch. Be warned: it may only include rants about various daytime television shows and my insights into each episode of E! News' Daily Ten.

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