Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update: The Location of my Underpants

Now, I work at the same fabulous establishment as Stepmom-lady (and Dad-guy as well), and since I no longer reside with them, they often use the workday as a means of familial contact. This morning I called Stepmom-lady on completely work related business, and this is a close reconstruction of the conversation that ensued:

Kate: Hey. How are you this morning?

SML: Great! I have presents for you.

Kate: Ooh. I like presents. Whatcha got?

SML: Your Cosmo that came to the house and some underpants.

(Yes, she said "underpants")

Kate: Underpants?

SML: Yes. They're clean.

Kate: Uh... You brought me clean underpants?

SML: Well, they're yours.

Kate: You brought me my own clean underpants?

SML: Yes. Paws was quite concerned that they belonged to some friend of your brother, but I assured him that they were yours.

Kate: How do you know?

SML: I bought them for you for Christmas.

Kate: Oh. (pause) Why do you have my underpants?

SML: I found them in the dryer after you did your laundry here last weekend.

Kate: Oh. That makes sense.

SML: So they're here for you whenever you stop over.

So during my lunch break, I trekked over and grabbed from my Stepmother's desk the most recent edition of Cosmopolitan, one sock (she neglected to mention this), and some clean underpants.

Professionalism at its best.

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