Monday, May 17, 2010

Emails From Messica

This could easily be a new CoL feature. Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, I get approximately 95 thousand emails from my hetero life partner Messica. They often include Bubba bashing and creative ways to spell swear words so that The Man won't flag them as inappropriate. The one I received first thing this morning was especially delightful:

Umm.... First and foremost though... Did Bubba tell you that he got pooped on by a bird?
Not only did he get crapped on.. But it was in Matt's car... Through the sunroof... While they were driving.

I told him that it was good luck, and probably even better luck because the odds of that happening are so slim, and his response was...

"Well Messica... I don't feel very lucky with bird $hit on my new jeans"

What's not to love? I mean, there's laughing at others' misfortunes (bonus points cuz it's Bubs) AND poop jokes! For a second there I forgot that it's Monday. Sigh...

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