Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sometimes I Wish I Was an Only Child

It's a two-fer day, ya'll. This is what resumes when my brother upgrades apartments and I get his hand-me-down couch (that he got for free from our parents) since he's richer than God and buying new furniture:

Sent at 1:59 PM on Wednesday
Charlemagne: Can you buy me this as a house warming gift and as an exchange for the couch

Kate: Ummm sure... I was just at Walmart though. Won't go again for a while.

Charlemagne: Yesssss. It says they are in the stores too. I think there are lots of colors, any of them are fine. Even pink if it is the last choice

Kate: ...

Charlemagne: I guess we will be ready to vacuum tomorrow, that's when Volo can move his shit out of main areas and into his room and we can begin living there

Kate: I'm not going to Walmart today.

Charlemagne: I guess I need to get that vacuum now then. Oh well.

Kate: You can borrow our vacuum if you want

Charlemagne: I have a big one but I want that little one so I don't scratch up all the floors

Sent at 3:01 PM on Wednesday
Charlemagne: I will just go to Walmart and you can pay me 15 dollars for the couch. DEAL. Thanks for the present

Kate: I don't think that's how it works. Plus, you never bought that couch.

Charlemagne: But I need it tomorrow.

Kate: I would not charge you for a couch.

Charlemagne: Would you charge me for a vacuum?

Kate: Did you give me a housewarming present?

Charlemagne: Fine. Take your lousy couch.

Kate: Jesus Christ I'll give you $15

Charlemagne: It is probably full of mouse feces. Mr. Mouse lived in there

Kate: Awesome.

Charlemagne: haha I really don't care, but now that I think about it, a mouse probably did live in it. Better than dying in it though

Kate: I hate you.

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