Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Did You Finish Your TPS Report?

I've been a total workaholic lately (God, I hate that word) AKA, I've actually been doing work while at work. Weird. Must be the extra-long weekend I just returned from. Nothing like boxed wine, emergency contraceptive, and hours of It's Always in Philadelphia to send a girl back to work feeling refreshed and motivated.

The novelty has sure as fuck worn off, however, as it's not even noon and I've already exhausted my list of regular internet haunts. I try not to play Snood until after my lunch break, but today may be an exception.

In other work related news, my boss is currently on a lunch date with his dog. I have access to his calendar, and it's right there for all to see: "Me and Scruffy have lunch!" 11:30-1:30. Two whole hours, and yes, that was the scheduled event verbatim, complete with exclamation point. Also, one of my co-workers thinks my name is Heather.

It's reasons like these that I don't feel bad for spending half an hour of my day feeling like I'm the supreme authority on everything by clicking through Randall Munroe's Best Thing website. Fun Fact: I just had to choose between Jesus Christ and Steven Colbert. I'll leave my response a mystery for the masses. Funner Fact: I just spent two minutes staring at "Knowing your good looks turn heads" or "Fancy Kitchenware, the kind from Williams Sonoma." I'm still not sure which to choose. Who am I kidding? As much as I pine for a lime green KitchenAid standing mixer, I'd like more to know that I am really really ridiculously good looking.

I must admit, that I originally had a photo of Billy Ray Cyrus and his iconic mullet posted here, but I removed it. Though I love him, there was just something wrong about it.

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