Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You're a Mean Girl. You're a Bitch.

[Edit: I reread my rant about how fugly Rumer Willis is, and thought that perhaps I was being unnecessarily mean spirited and well, bitchy. Maybe I was more hungover than normal that day, causing her to look like Lord Voldemort and turn my stomach a little bit. Maybe I just haven't been reading enough Harry Potter and I'm looking for my fix where ever I can get it. Maybe I'm just a mean spirited bitch. Who knows. Anyway, I've decided to go easy on her. Rumer is a person too, even if her chin is the size of a Buick. She has yet to date either John Krasinski or Zack Braff, so I can't blindly hate her. Yet. The second she goes near any of my men, the earrings are coming off and I'll get all suburban gangsta on her ass. Watch it Rumer, this is your one and only second chance. Start getting cuter damn quick, or just go away already.

Damn. Even when I'm trying to be nice I'm mean.]

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