Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Conversation

My brother often sends me links during the workday with no explanation. This morning I received this and here is the conversation that followed:

Kate: Oh wow. Attack of the clones.

Charlemagne: Pod people.

Kate: Mad pod people.

Charlemagne: They should clone like a million of me.

Kate: They certainly should not.

Charlemagne: Two million.

Kate: Oh my god! They're creating human/cow creatures? Is that like centaurs? This is going to lead to the downfall of society.

Charlemagne: Moooooooo.

Kate: Wasn't there a movie about this? I think it was called "Don't Clone Your Dead Children" and Dakota Fanning went on a killing spree.

Charlemagne: Watch this!

Kate: Yikes.

Charlemagne: The Shocker!

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