Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Headlines Don't Sell Papes, Newsies Sell Papes

I love me some craigslist. It's sad, almost, the hours of amusement that I can find in others' far too serious ads and inquiries. Missed Connections is my favorite, because I can often times fool myself into thinking that each is secretly for me. Sure, I tell myself, my hair could be considered long and blond, if you're squinting while driving past me on the thruway at 70 miles per hour. Or, shit, was I at Tim Horton's last night at 3 AM? No, I think that was last week at 8 in the morning. Maybe this guy has just got his timing a little confused.

I could also get totally lost in the Free section. I stumbled upon this choice ad today:

"Free Denim Hippie Skirt

This is an awesome homemade hippie skirt! It's made from a pair of Old
Navy Jeans and is covered with different pieces of flannel in the front. It's size 31.

I want this skirt to go to the right home. So, tell me what makes you
a hippie or who is your favorite local band?"

Ahhh, yes. I, too, remember that fateful issue of Seventeen that taught us all how to transform our old jeans into skirts. Of course, Seventeen intended these to be mini skirts, but the mid 90s neo-hippie community commandeered it for a while.

So this chick either has her skirt leftover from 1996, or she has continued to produce this fashion icon for the last ten plus years. I wonder what it is that has finally made her decide to part with her little piece of couture. Certainly this skirt means very much to her, as she has included an interview process with her ad for free shit.

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