Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Conversation

Sent to Charlemagne at 12:57 PM

Kate: Holy shit! I just got an email from our 4th grade Challenge teacher.

Charlemagne: The one that looked like that cartoon from that game?

Kate: The very same.

Charlemagne: About that game?

Kate: No, I don't think she knows about that game.

Charlemagne: About Challenge?

Kate: No. She's on a listserve I'm on for work.

Charlemagne: She's gotta be old now.

Kate: She was old then. And a close talker.

Charlemagne: That's true. She was on prozac.

Kate: Yeah...Wait. How do you know that?

Charlemagne: I made it up. But right?

Kate: I guess...

Charlemagne: Challenge sucked.

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