Thursday, June 25, 2009

Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul

Top Ten Things I am so totally all about right now:

1. My new pseudo-nephew, T-dogg. Happy day one, baby boy!

2. Urban Fairies. This needs to happen in my home, office, and perhaps even car.

3. Wristcutters: A Love Story. The lighter side of suicide.

4. Green Porno. "I am the praying mantis..."

5. SUNDANCE Channel On Demand. Can ya tell from numbers 3 and 4?

6. Buying presents for the newly graduated. Each congratulatory card will be accompanied by an application to McDonald's.

7. Tube socks from Sugar and Bruno. They look so nice under my moonboot. Lacey Mae's skeleton feet are so delightfully ironic.

8. Conor Oberst. I thought I got over that whole Bright Eyes phase in High School, but alas, I've been rocking out to "I Don't Wanna Die (In the Hospital)" all week in my sweet sweet Ford Escort.

9. PB's dangerbike. Because one broken ankle a summer just isn't enough.

10. The sparkle couch that has found a home on my front porch. It's tragically floral, and soon to be covered in cigarette burns.

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