Tuesday, June 23, 2009

N00bs Who Can't Move Gud

Sent at 2:36 PM on Tuesday:

Charlemagne: I have had too much to drink for 2:30

Sent at 2:38 PM on Tuesday

Charlemagne: RESPOND!

Kate: Jesus. Relax. I was down the hall.

Charlemagne: This much drunk is a bad idea when I have an early plane to catch.

Kate: Stop lying about being in Ireland. None of us believe you.

Charlemagne: Where the fuck do you think I am? Didn't you see the pictures?

Kate: They're all of the inside of your hotel room.

Charlemagne: AND the construction work outside my hotel room.

Kate: You're prolly in like, upstate NY

Charlemagne: Fuck you! I'm in Dublin!

Kate: Yeah? What time is it there?

Charlemagne: LAL IDK I'm too wAsTeD!!!!1

Kate: I'm going to blag that you just typed that. Embarassing.

Charlemagne: Don't give a FUCK! Ya know how they have those signs for hotel room doors? Like "Do Not Disturb" and "Please Service"?

Kate: Yep.

Charlemagne: There's one here that says "Fire"

Kate: What the fuck? Like you put it out if the room is on fire? Or set the room on fire and put it out before you leave?

Charlemagne: I don't know. I'm tempted to put it on the neighbor's door and see what happens.

Kate: DO IT! Immediately. And report back.

Charlemagne: Oh there's directions on the back!

Kate: And?

Charlemagne: It's for n00bs who can't move gud and get stuck in the room when there's a fire and need help.

Kate: I can't believe you just typed that.

Charlemagne: So if you can't move gud, you put it on the door all the time.

Kate: I'm blagging you typed that too.

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