Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kittens for Obama

I fucking love these.

And sadly, pretty much everything else on this site, because as it turns out, I am secretly still a 14 year old emo girl. Get me to the mall.

In other news, I'm due to get a new phone, yet am so sad to part with my Krazr. That bitch has withstood many a drunken tumble, spilled beer, and tobacco filled purse. You've got large shoes to fill, new phone.

Also, why are there consistently single sneakers in the middle of the road? Always sneakers, and always just one. Where are these shoes coming from? How is it that people are losing their footwear midtraffic? I don't understand these things.

And finally, I'm looking for a birthday card that says "Sorry I didn't get you a better present, dad. I spent all my money on cigarettes and emergency contraceptive." If you happen upon one, let me know.

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