Monday, April 26, 2010

Thinking of Blue

OK, so, I wrote this whole long entry about nail polish, right? Yeah. Like 2 minutes after I posted I get the following message from Durden: "No fucking way! I went to the store for clear polish and got Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Thinking of Blue. That shit is tard proof."

Thinking of Blue is in fact the color that my whole schpeal was based off of. That bitch bought the same shit as me at the same time thousands of miles across the country! This clearly only solidifies the fact that Ms. Katelyn is in fact my soulsista 4 life.

And does anybody really know how to spell "schpeal?" This is important information, as I use it quite often. I'm an excellent schpealer.

Fun Fact: "Schpealer" apparently acctually is a word. I hope it's dirty.

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