Thursday, November 13, 2008

Humble Beginnings

DISCLAIMER: I do not condone smoking, nor living a college loan induced, impoverished lifestyle. Take it from this girl, living off of stale vending machine Pop Tarts and scavenged alcohol is no picnic. And well, smoking, of course, is a filthy, disgusting, expensive, disease causing habbit... one which makes me infinitely happy inside and one with the world... Yeah, yeah. I'm working on quitting. Just like I'm working on quitting early nineties Disney Musicals, Happy Meals, my indiscriminate love of flip flops, blowing off work responsibilities to play Snood, and voodooing ex-boyfriends' current girlfriends, among other things. These things take time, OK? GET OFF MY ASS! There's not a support group for everything.

That being said, I'll state plainly and simply that it's damn true that nobody likes you when you're 23, and thank God I'm almost not anymore. The ascent into adulthood has thus far been paved with disappointment and cheap wine. The cheap wine I'm totally OK with. There's a hell of a lot of good that can come from a big box of Franzia. And when you live in a tragically unhip city as I do, you gotta take as much drunken good as you can get, thank you. The disappointment of a useless degree (not that I had any illusions that my B.A. would actually get me somewhere) and the disappearance of my fun friends has, however, left me slightly bitter, and well, more than that, bored. I had some notion of living a life that was a riot of color, a Dylan song, or at least something slightly less khaki than the expected post-graduate lifestyle. And if it takes a computer screen to be my looking glass, then so be it. Bring on the pink elephants and blue meanies. I've got some time to waste, and an apparent need for an audience.

And so, on the eve of my 24th birthday, I plan to indulge myself in a virtual representation of shit I like, shit I'm doing, and shit I'd like to do. It's glorified talking to myself, I know, and I don't give a shit. I love talking to myself. I'm doing it right now. Stop judging me. You do it too.

That being said, I'm off to the real world. I've got a solid 45 minutes of Snood playing and Ex stalking to do. Cheers!

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