Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Love Nests and Napkin Rings

Actual ad on craigslist:

2 Bedroom Fully Furnished Townhouse for rent. Looking for 7 people to pay 250/month each for their choice of 1 day at townhouse. Fully furnished with all the amenities of home. Beautifully decorated. Great place to take your afternoon love affair. This is not a joke. I have a townhouse that I am looking to rent and I remember what it was like looking for a discreet place to get away. Serious inquiries only.

Definitely fits into the category of things that make ya go "WTF?" A few of my many concerns include:

1. Is said townhouse available for the night, or only for lunch break quickies with your wife's sister?

2. Is the owner going to participate in his or her own afternoon love affair? Or is he acting simply as a silent sexual philanthropist?

3. Who is going to wash the sheets?

I'll investigate no further. My inquiries are not serious.

On a completely unrelated topic, I am totally jonesing for a Dries Van Noten's bangle necklace.

But alas, I am a broke as a joke recent college grad and my entire wardrobe is Target couture. There is no fucking chance I'll ever have one. I think I'll make my own out of napkin rings.

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