Friday, November 21, 2008

Snood Use Bonus

Every few days or so it seems that I discover (or rediscover) something that I become so passionately absorbed in that it makes me almost manic. I find myself bordering on anxiety as I rush to share it with everyone I know as if it were my own. I want to blow it up to poster size, tape it to the wall, and just stare at it while I sip red wine.

This is how I felt when I stumbled upon Masha D'Yans, whose paintings I want to live in (and now thanks to a throw from Urban Outfitters, I can at least wrap myself in) and certainly how I feel now as I sit (wrapped in aforementioned throw) reading through one of Nigella Lawson's cookbooks as if it were a novel.

Now, I've seen Ms. Lawson's cooking show before. Food Network is, after all, my lullaby. And it was good, of course, in a British sort of way, that though I appreciate, I can never truly adhere to. But then while compulsively perusing the Food Network website (which I do daily) I came across her recipe for boiled egg on toast. The directions were simple: Boil an egg. Eat it on toast. Yet somehow Nigella stretched this out into an eloquent 500 or so words, all of which were perfectly placed and completely necessary.

I immediately added one of her cookbooks to my list of birthday demands. Success! Lucifer (Mom) actually listened to me for once. Thus, I resigned to the couch, to see if the print would measure up.

I suppose it's needless to say that it did. The book is pink hardcover (Luci bought it sans-cover from Amazon for a whopping $3) which made it all the more appealing. Pink things tend to make me happy. I am an avid supporter of pink foods (ice cream and cupcakes specifically) and so I was immediately set up for a fantastic culinary read.

To say I'm a food critic is both absurdly silly and completely understated. I have a passion for food (much as I have one for fashion) that can hardly be met on the budget I keep. So I indulge myself by watching vast amounts of Food and Fashion television, while wearing my brother's old hoodies and eating Taco Bell. I've learned to appreciate the "simple" things (read: "trashy") alongside that which is truly noteworthy.

Thus, I highly recommend Nigella's book, simply from a literary standpoint, as I have never made any of her dishes. And, keep in mind that my opinion is flawless, therefore my recommendations are gold. So read it, dicks.

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